• A secluded waterfront retreat for the whole family
  • Heated salt water pool
  • Boothbay Harbor - Just one short mile from us
  • Private beach
  • Free boats and canoes for our guests
  • Newly renovated rooms


Accommodation Boothbay
If you are looking for perfect accommodation in a unique and secluded seaside resort.

Boothbay Accommodation
Beach Cove Hotel and Resort is a mere mile away from the bustling harbor town of Boothbay.

Boothbay Harbor Accommodation
The peaceful surrounds and secluded nature of Beach Cove Hotel and Resort.

Boothbay Harbor Beach
The Boothbay Harbor beach is the perfect place to laze about in the sun with a cool breeze coming in from the water.

Boothbay Harbor Hotel
It is always beneficial to take your time when looking for the right hotel for your next holiday .

Boothbay Harbor Hotels
The Boothbay Harbor hotels, Beach Cove really stands out with the amenities it offers.

Boothbay Harbor Inn
Beach Cove Hotel and Resort is a Boothbay harbor Inn that is the only hotel that is on the beachfront in that region.

Boothbay Harbor Inns
The area in and around Boothbay Harbor has been inhabited for a long time.

Boothbay Harbor Lodging
It is amazing how some places can get a reputation simply by the way that they are represented in the media.

Boothbay Harbor Motel
In the town visitors staying at the Boothbay Harbor motel can rent bicycles, cars or kayaks.

Boothbay Harbor Waterfront
For the most amazing vacation you could ever imagine you need to contact Beach Cove Hotel right.

Boothbay Lodging
For the best and most affordable Boothbay lodging you need to contact Beach Cove.

Boothbay Vacation
For the best Boothbay vacation ever you need to contact Beach Cove Hotel right now. One simple

Hotel Boothbay Harbor Maine
If you are searching for a dynamic hotel Boothbay Harbor Maine, then you need look.

Hotels Boothbay Harbor Maine
For the widest selection of hotels Boothbay Harbor Maine, you need to contact Beach Cove Hotel

Hotels Maine Boothbay
If you have been looking for the largest selections of hotels Maine Boothbay, then look no further.

Lodging Boothbay Harbor
For the very best and affordable lodging Boothbay Harbor, you need to contact the highly efficient.

Lodging Boothbay Maine
To find the best lodging Boothbay Maine, when you are planning your next vacation.

Maine Boothbay Harbor Hotel
For the very best experience you need to reserve your vacation at a Maine Boothbay Harbor hotel.

Maine Boothbay Harbor Hotels
If you have been shopping around for the best Maine Boothbay Harbor hotels for your vacation.

Maine Boothbay Motel
If you have been shopping around for a highly affordable Maine Boothbay motel then you need.

Maine Boothbay Resort
For the best vacation ever at a Maine Boothbay resort, you need to contact Beach Cove Hotel.

Pet Friendly Boothbay Harbor
If you have wanting to take your four-legged family members on vacation with you, but are unsure.

Vacation Boothbay Harbor
If you have dreamt about a vacation Boothbay Harbor, then you dream is about to get a chance.

Boothbay Harbor Maine Motel
When you've decided to vacation in Boothbay Harbor, you'll need to find the best motel for your needs. There are likely to be a number of things.

Boothbay Harbor Maine Resort
It has been said that the Boothbay Harbor Region is a magnificent holiday destination. The Boothbay Harbor peninsula boasts a rich history.

Boothbay Harbor Maine Resorts
It is the dream of many a person to find the perfect holiday destination. Everyone needs somewhere to unwind whilst still being able to find recreational activities for the whole family.

Coastal Maine Resort
A holiday to a Coastal Maine resort is always a perfect retreat for young and old.  A fresh sea breeze and the soothing sound of the ocean is guaranteed to help even the most high strung of people to relax.

Maine Accommodation
Beach Cove Hotel relishes its reputation of providing Maine accommodation in the hotel situated on the only sandy beach front in the Boothbay Harbor region.

Maine Lodging
When you're looking for the best Maine lodging, there are a number of things you'll want to consider. The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to stay in a resort or motel.

Maine Resort
When vacationing you have many options. Typically you'll first narrow down the area you want to visit and then find the perfect location within that area.

Maine Resorts
You have many options when looking for Maine resorts. This means that there is never a need to accept less than the best location for your next vacation.

Maine Vacation Resort
There are a few things to consider when choosing the best Maine vacation resort. Typically the first concern is that you find a place that is close to the beach.

Maine Vacation Resorts
There are many Maine vacation resorts that you and your family have to choose from when planning your next vacation.

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