• A secluded waterfront retreat for the whole family
  • Heated salt water pool
  • Boothbay Harbor - Just one short mile from us
  • Private beach
  • Free boats and canoes for our guests
  • Newly renovated rooms

Boothbay Harbor Inns

Boothbay Harbor inns can offer the visitor a wonderful way to explore the historic town and its surroundings without feeling as if they were at some sort of resort. These quaint buildings seem to come straight from a period film and allow you to immerse yourself in the historical background that suffuses the town and its surroundings. The verdant state of Maine offers some of the best natural attractions that anyone could wish for and whether you want to marvel at the crisp blue Atlantic or at the primeval woods, this area can certainly offer it all and more.

Authors like Stephen King and HP Lovecraft have always loved to use these small towns in Maine as the backdrop for their greatest tales of horror and a places like Boothbay Harbor inns always seem to offer the characters a chance to escape. Who can forget the mysterious Innsmouth in one of Lovecraft's greatest tales? Despite what these horror writers have done to the image of small towns in Maine, the truth is far more attractive. There are no monsters here, only the natural splendor and the charm that comes from all small towns that seem somehow removed from the rest of the world. Boothbay Harbor is one of the perfect places to unwind.

The area in and around Boothbay Harbor has been inhabited for a long time. Before the Europeans arrived in the late 1600's, the area was inhabited by a Native American tribe that is possibly related to the modern Penobscot. The English bought the land from them and settled down. The town was to be destroyed twice and abandoned before it would be once more be inhabited in 1730 and renamed Townsend. During the American Revolutionary war the town was used as a naval staging area for the American fleet until the English fleet discovered the location and forced them to move away. In 1842 the town was renamed Boothbay Harbor and focused on becoming a successful center for fishing while branching out into various other areas of commerce as well. Many of the old buildings still stand and some serve as the Boothbay Harbor inns that are worth the visit. The town has numerous museums and monuments that tell the tale of its long and interesting history. When you are done with the history then the beautiful surroundings become your next destination.

Staying at one of the Boothbay Harbor inns will immerse you into the history of this very special town. Steeped in history and surrounded by the beautiful nature of Maine, there is something in this town for everyone. Its long history has seen the town destroyed twice and abandoned yet something brought the people back here again and again. Why not come for yourself and see what it was that kept bringing people back to this little idyllic piece of the world. But remember Lovecraft's warning: beware of the fish people.

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