• A secluded waterfront retreat for the whole family
  • Heated salt water pool
  • Boothbay Harbor - Just one short mile from us
  • Private beach
  • Free boats and canoes for our guests
  • Newly renovated rooms

Boothbay Harbor Maine Motel

The first thing you'll want to consider when choosing a Boothbay Harbor, Maine motel is it's location. Many people find that have a beach front motel is the best option for them for several reasons. First of all, it afford them a beautiful view of the beach while they're enjoying their stay in their motel. Secondly, it allows them almost instant access to the beach, preventing a time consuming and aggravating drive to the closest beach.

You'll also want to consider the amenities that you need or want to be included. For example, some of the choices in Boothbay harbor, Maine motel will include things like a mini fridge, microwave oven and coffee maker. If you plan to spend your trip relaxing on the beach and in your room, you want to make sure that you have these amenities Having a mini fridge and microwave oven can also cut down on dining costs as you can create simple meals right in your own room.

Access to actives is also an important factor when choosing a Boothbay Harbor, Maine motel. When you've decided on a beach front hotel, you want to make sure that the motel also offers you access to water sports. The Beach Cove Hotel not only provides row boats, canoes and life vests, they are free of charge. They also have a fireplace and picnic area which can add even more options to your outdoor adventures.

You'll also want to make sure that there are many options in room size when you choose a Boothbay Harbor, Maine motel. Even if you're only interested in a standard room for you and one person on your next trip, the goal is to find a motel that you can return to time and time again, regardless of the size of your party. When you choose a Boothbay Harbor, Maine motel that has many room size options, you'll know that you can return to it in years to come with additional family members or on a group trip with friends.

You can see that you have a few things to consider when you choose the best Boothbay Harbor, Maine motel. You want a motel that has easy and convenient access to a beach so that you can get the most out of your vacation without long commutes. You also want to have all the amenities of home so that you can truly enjoy yourself and cut down on the costs of eating out. Having access to water activities free of charge is a huge advantage and if you're sure to choose a motel that you can return to in the future no matter what size of your party, you'll be building a lasting relationship with a motel you'll be glad to return to.

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