• A secluded waterfront retreat for the whole family
  • Heated salt water pool
  • Boothbay Harbor - Just one short mile from us
  • Private beach
  • Free boats and canoes for our guests
  • Newly renovated rooms

Maine Vacation Resort

Some people end up not choosing a Maine vacation resort that's directly on the beach because they think they can save money by getting a room that is further from the beach. The reality though, is that you would need to take the commute into consideration. While it's possible you could find a cheaper place that's further from the beach, you'll end up wasting time, gas and money commuting to and from every day.

Not only do you want your Maine vacation resort to be conveniently located you want it to have convenient amenities as well. For example, if you can find a resort that includes a simple breakfast with your stay, you'll be able to enjoy a quick bite without the cost and hassle of dragging everyone in your party to a diner. If you find a place that also offers a microwave and mini fridge in the room, you'll even be able to make a few simple meals in your room, which can save you money on dining expenses.

Of course you're likely to be on your vacation because you'd like to relax. You want to look for a Maine vacation resort that has many activities to enjoy. If you go ahead and book one that's right on the beach, you should look for a place that has rowboats, canoes and all the safety devices you'll need. These should be included in the price of your room.

It's a good idea to choose a Maine vacation resort that has non-water related activities as well. Some people in your group might not want to spend time in the water, or you might find that you want a day to dry out yourself. Try an option like www.beachcovehotel.com that has picnic areas, scenic paths to walk around and fireplaces to enjoy. This is the best way to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves.

When you're comparing the cost of a Maine vacation resort, keep in mind what you'll be getting for the money you spend. You might find one resort that seems to be very inexpensive but in the end, if you have to pay extra to rent their boats or are forced to eat each meal in an expensive restaurant, you can see that you won't really save money in the long run.

Deciding to stay at a relaxing Maine vacation resort can be a great option no matter what your interests are. Look for a place that offers a private beach and is convenient and you'll have the best chance of success on your vacation.

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